Lamian Lounge was created by the partners at Bund restaurant group to bring real authentic Chinese comfort food to the heart of vibrant Astoria food scene. It started out as Lanzhou handpulled noodle shop, but due to the CV19 pandemic the concept and style of the restaurant have changed to bring a more delivery friendly menu that’s suited for the majority of the residents in Astoria and Long Island City.
Lamian Lounge now focuses on the Authentic Hong Kong Noodle shop concept that serves roast meats such as roast duck, roast pork, roast ribs and roast chicken, which are made fresh everyday in the house. Our menu also includes Taiwanese combo boxes like deep fried jumbo Porkchop and chicken legs.
We are also excited to add an extensive bubble tea menu that brought brown sugar milk tea for the first time into Astoria, At Lamian Lounge our missions is to bring the most authentic Chinese comfort food at affordable prices for our Astoria and LIC customers.